Pandemic Schooling Mode and Student Test Scores: Evidence from U.S. School Districts
(joint with Clare Halloran, Rebecca Jack, and Emily Oster)
American Economic Review: Insights, forthcoming
NBER Working Paper 29497, November 2021
NBER Digest, January 2022
Press Coverage: NYTimes, WSJ, WaPo, The Economist, Bloomberg, Yahoo News, Yahoo Money

Work in progress

Philanthropy and the Determination of Social Priorities (with Simon Essig Aberg)

Evaluating WIC’s Procurement of Infant Formula (with Yuci Zhou)

Other work

The Effect of Transparency on Political Behavior: Evidence from the U.S. Congressional Press Galleries
Awarded the Outstanding Thesis Award from the Economics Department at Brown University, May 2020
Thesis Adviser: Jesse Shapiro
Manuscript, November 2021